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Promises for an Action Plan to Improve Sound Levels by Bosses of VICTORIOUS for Next Year


It was really an irritating kind of experience for those people who attended the hour-long performance by Oasis icon Noel Gallagher. The reason was not the bad track or any kind of unwanted things but it was the speed of the wind that blew away the melody of the sound track.

The music blown with the wind on the last Sunday and that was a truly disappointing moment for many of Oasis fans. Even many people would have preferred to call up some Portsmouth escort agency to enjoy their Sunday.

When the questions were raised on this music blown performances with the Victorious team, they had no answer to the same but they made the wind an apt answer to their performances. It was not at all the answer that could have made the interest of the people to stay at the higher side.+

Seeing the response on the Sunday made the organisers to take this as a big issue. Hence they have promised the audience for a better sound level for the next years’ event. It might have brought some happiness to the men to have fun with the hot Portsmouth escort.

The co-organiser of Victorious, James Ralls tried his best to answer some such tough question and e too gave some facts which were related to the speed of the wind. As per him the Sunday wind speed was 30 mph which caused a lot of disturbance.

If this was an accurate reason for such fatal, then many of the men would have looked for some other options for the fun like Portsmouth escorts as that would have pleased them in a very positive manner. People are now eagerly waiting for the next turn of Victorious to check as how much level they have finally been able to improve on.

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