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Just Love the Moments at the Most Amazing Venues of London


London, The name itself is enough to draw the attention of so many travelers around the world. Being one of the best cities of the world, it is the food or the shopping spree one can go for in this city which makes it even amazing. Few of the most memorable locations of London are as follows:
Experience the London Bridge

The London Bridge Experience caters for much more than just an experience. You happen to be on a voyage through the deep, dark history of London. This makes you pass through time and take a light-hearten look at 200 centuries of utterly colorful history within the area of London Bridge. Do watch out for Boudicca fight her battles against the Romans, have a sniff of the fates of traitors and their treachery! This is a location which would urge you to have a companion in your arms. And to get one such stunning companion, look up to escort agency London.


CuttySark is one of the ancient tea clipper which is still surviving, showing a glimpse of the greatest of her time. Get indulge into the adventures of this ancient ship befriending her crew in an immersive experience that brings her significant history to reality. Go ahead in the paths of those who went in the layers of history with her, discover scenes that provoke the views, aroma and sounds of life at sea, relish-enchanting visuals of the river Thames, and stroll right underneath the ship’s gleaming hull to touch a chart of world history.

The Even Keel Café, which happens to find its place underneath the ship’s amazing hull, covers the whole nine yards to cater for a cozy setting for a CuttySark-derived cup of tea. Or, for to avail one ultimate pleasure, get afternoon tea with homemade scones and cakes.

London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo has been providing insights of zoo culture and has provoked visitors since opening to the public in 1847 to have a enchanted visit of it. With over 750 incredible fauna, amazing and innovative trait of the zoo exhibits its great day out in the capital for all ages.
In the spring season of 2016, the amazing venue known for the Lions arrived in ZSL London Zoo, catering for state-of-the-art facilities for a fostering and supporting group of endangered Asiatic lions. You will be amazed and saddened to know that only 400 lions are still remaining in the wild jungles. Portraying amidst leafy Regent’s Park within heritage-listed buildings and enchanting gardens, ZSL London Zoo is an oasis in the heart of the capital. However do make sure to visit this zoo with a companion. It will only do good to you by availing you a person to talk to. And if you don’t have anyone, feel free to contact Mega Models London.

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