Can I talk over the phone with my chosen escort?

Yes,  you can! She will give you a call before you meet your dream date!

Is there any cancellation fee?

Yes, if  you cannot make up your mind whether to avail the escort service and in need of some last-minute cancellation, then we do charge a cancellation fee. If she is already out to meet you, you have to reimburse the time and effort, spent. Our cancellation fee is £60.

Which payment method do I need to follow for booking an escort?

At present, we do not accept any card payments. We only receive cash payments.

How quickly can I avail the service?

Our professional escorts are prompt on time and will arrive at the destined destination within 30-45 minutes.

Being a lady myself, can I hire a female escort?

Yes, we do have a female client base and our stunning Portsmouth babes are willing to meet ladies and mingle with them. So go ahead and book your lady!

Is it a legal thing to visit an escort?

You are paying up for the amount of time that you are going to spend with her! So yes, it is legal.

Can two gentlemen book one escort?

No, we are sorry to say that you can’t!  We do not adhere to such a policy. One client can enjoy the company of a lady at one time.

What is the age limit of the escorts listed with your agency?

All the Portsmouth escorts who are listed with us are above 18 years of age. You can find their ages in the profiles of the divas. So book now!