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Don’t let your Valentine’s week go to waste!

This Valentine’s, there is no need to go around girls asking to be your valentine. This will just result in waste of your precious time and money. All you got to do is visit London, plan to celebrate your romantic week here with a beautiful Portsmouth escort.

Here is a list of all the romantic possibilities in the city, which can make your valentine week quite memorable.

8 things to do on Valentine’s day in London

  • Watch the sunset at the Greenwich Park: Head to the Greenwich Park for some peaceful moments. Sit around and cuddle while watching the sunset with orange hues in the blue sky with your callgirl by your side.


  • Row a couple’s boat at the Hyde’s Park: Hire a couple boat for you and your escort at the Hyde’s Park, and zoom off splashing water on each other and getting one step closer to the serenity of nature.


  • Hire a private compartment at the London Eye: What is better than a cosy private capsule amidst the sky? Watch all over the city with your hired girl and who knows, when you may get lucky.


  • Take a ride on the Thames Clipper: An expensive private boat and your escort by your side, and the Valentine week are already successful. Dine sophistically, and enjoy a beautiful date in a western classic style.


  • Stroll around Chelsea market: If you want to make it something worth remembering, take your hired girl out on mini expeditions in the Chelsea market. Buy flowers for her here or maybe taste all the varieties of macarons at various high-end cafes and bakeries.


  • Enjoy picnic on Hampstead Heath: Maybe if it’s about getting to know each other and getting closer, you may pack everything up and go with your escort to the Hampstead Heath, the best picnic spot in London.


  • Sip drinks at The Whistling Shop: What else would you like to do on a peaceful windy evening? Pick your escort and grab a casual deink at the whistling shop.


  • Take pleasure of afternoon tea at Harrods: Sip your afternoon tea in company of your hired girl at the Harrods, serving one of the tastiest teas in the world.


  • Spot deer at the Richmond Park: If your hired girl is little adventurous, why not take her to some deer spotting at the Richmond Park and enjoy being near to the wildlife.

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