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Dinner Dates With Sexy Companions

Duos Escorts Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a coastal town where the eyes are soothed when you see the cobblestones streets, chirping mobs, and bustling restaurants. Well, day here is fascinating, but the night has some charm too, which can only be discovered if gone out for dinner. So, if you have nothing professional then take your girl out in the city to have dinner in the best food restaurants, which serve best foods for the foodies.

Now, if you are going or the dinner date, then food is important, but the ambience and the girl also matters. Therefore, keep an eye on the ambience you will choose, however, girl will be looks, if she is an escort in Portsmouth.

Let see the places to have your dinner date:

  1. Black Trumpet Bistro: This bistro is located at the waterfront with a cozy and mind-soothing ambience. The speciality of this is place is that it serveslocally-produced home cooked meats and stakes under the instruction of Evan Mallett, a James Beard Award Semi-finalist.
  2. Block Six – The Restaurant at 3S: 3S is a modern lounge with a gallery and a performance place. The menu offered here are short and mouth watering for each taste to palate. It would really comfort your hired girl, if you will order the buttermilk fried chicken.
  3. Caffe Kilim: This is more like a coffee shop, which is busy every time it is opened. The reason behind this is, it is a 20 year old shop serving in Portsmouth. Here, you can make your girl enjoy the Middle Eastern vibe, cookies, Turkish coffee, and music playing in background.
  4. Blue Mermaid: Blue Mermaid is a tropical hideout for dates where you will get the tropical cocktails, fish tacos, and jerk chicken. The best part of the restaurant is that you can drink here for charity too. The girl is going to fall for you definitely.
  5. Cava Tapas and Wine Bar: What can better than wine and food in the night, especially on the dinner date? If you and your girl have the same choice, then bring your hired girl here for the menu having traditional Tapas and wine in complement. The complement will cheer up the romance the wine at that moment.

So, may you find something good on the list- have a great dinner date with you sexy companion.

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